A family-run farm stand in Metchosin is whisking up attention not only for its homemade cookies but its unique, whimsical, fairytale-like atmosphere.

Crazy Cookie House at 4105 Metchosin Rd. greets sweet-toothed patrons with garden gnomes, fairies, and a green dragon called Doug H. Dragon. He’s the protector of the stand that uses the honour system, according to owner Helen McArthur. 

“This is the Crazy Cookie House,” McArthur said in the latest episode of CHEK’s Order Up. She says they opened the stand last summer, making the most of a family cookie recipe by adding in chocolate flavours like Turtles, Mars and Twix.

“The most popular ones, I would say, for sure, are the Smores and the Reese’s Ultra. Big, crazy, sweet, delicious chunks,” said McArthur, noting the confections sell for $2 each or $10 for fun packs made for special occasions.

But customers should bring their cameras along with some cash. It’s dubbed a farm stand like no other, with a giant hat-shaped roof and crazy, quirky angles.

“Bigfoot steps will guide you, and you can see lots of gnome activity along the way. A rock pool, a fairy garden and even the antique oven we used to use once upon a time to bake the crazy cookies. Feel free to take your time and enjoy the experience!” reads an online description.

At first, the stand was much smaller. McArthur and her family had opened up shop in a neighbouring green stand, but that didn’t take the cake. Eventually, they upgraded, and by February, their efforts reached a vast online audience.

“A couple of weeks ago, somebody came and visited and made a TikTok video. It went viral, and my phone just lit up with 300,000 views almost,” said McArthur, referring to Tyler Cave’s video posted on Feb. 20. Since then, it’s been viewed more than 283,000 times and has surpassed 20,000 likes.

“My husband was very excited. I was terrified because it meant more baking for me,” McArthur added with a laugh. 

A recent update posted to the Crazy Cookie House Facebook page stated that thanks to an outpouring of support, the baked goods were selling out earlier and earlier each day. The stand is open Friday-Monday from 9 a.m. until sold out.

Ethan Morneau | Mar. 12, 2023 4:47PM