From farm stand to a quirky, miniature cabin storefront, the Crazy Cookie House is making trips to the Witty’s Lagoon that much sweeter.

The “Crazy Cookie House” started off as a family farm stand last July, and has since turned into an even crazier shop in order to meet demand.

Turns out the cookie stand is a hit with hikers, and the family business has even supplied a trail map so you can plan your visit to the area. Nearby spots include the Sitting Lady Falls, Witty Beach, Jan’s Patchwork Fence and Tower Point.

“The response was overwhelming and our initial stand just wasn’t big enough to feed the cookie appetite of the Metchosin residents and visitors,” said Helen McArthur, who bakes the cookies.

<who>Photo credit: The Crazy Cookie House

McArthur is joined by David, the marketing expert, Max, the taste tester, and Freya, the idea generator.

The upgraded stand is actually the kid’s old playhouse, which was repurposed by Jordan Grant from West Coast Custom Homes.

They added a “cookie garden” and a driftwood sculpture of a dragon, built by local artist Paul Lewis, that they call “Doug H.” for added personality.

<who>Photo credit: Crazy Cookie House

Stocked with delicious, decadent treats at the start of every day, the cookie house is open Friday through Monday—although McArthur adds that they “reserve the right to serve cookies to cookie lovers on other days too.”

And, they work off an honour system. Payment is via e-transfer, or to be left in the cash tin.

<who>Photo credit: Crazy Cookie House

“Community, Trust and Art are our values,” McArthur says. “It’s working and we love it. A family business bringing love and cookies to the community!”

Make sure you drop by the Crazy Cookie House earlier in the day—they tend to sell out quickly! Stay updated on their adventures on Facebook, or on their website.

<who>Photo credit: Crazy Cookie House