The Crazy Cookie House in Metchosin has recently gone viral after a social media spotlight was placed on the quirky shop. 

Tyler Cave, a self-made videographer and social media influencer, recently shared a video tour of the life-size cookie jar, which sells homemade baked goods and positive messages left by travellers.

The TikTok video has currently amassed 228,000 views, hundreds of shares and plenty of conversation.

On Sunday, the owners of the local cookie shop took to Facebook sharing their appreciation for the recent wave of support. 

“A huge thank you to Tyler Cave who posted this video on TikTok. As a result, the Crazy Cookie House had a massive week and we are continuing to sell out earlier and earlier each day. Sorry to everyone who missed out, we are looking at ways to increase production. We are grateful to everyone for all their love and support of this Crazy Cookie adventure.”

“Homemade with love and individually wrapped,” these cookies sell from $2 apiece. The small farm stand also prepares $10 fun packs for special occasions. 

With the increased attention placed on the mom and pop cookie shop, Helen McArthur, the cookie house owner is advising new customers to contact them first as the sought after baked goods are selling out!

For those interested in discovering the local shop, travellers can find the Crazy Cookie House across the street from the Metchosin Golf Course between the St. Mary Church and Montessori School.

 Travis Devonport | Monday, February 27th, 2023