questions & answers

What’s in a Crazy Cookie?

Well, all the good stuff of course! Butter, sugar, eggs, white flour and sweet and chocolatey fillings and toppings. There’s a few more things but we can’t give away all our secrets!

Are there nuts in a Crazy Cookie?

While we don’t put nuts into the cookie dough, many of our cookies are topped with nuts. For example, Peanut M&Ms or Reese’s peanut butter cups. So, if you don’t like nuts, you can easily avoid them by choosing a Crazy Cookie without them. But please note that all our cookies are baked in the same facility so cross contamination is a possibility. For that reason, we ask that if you have a severe nut allergy you avoid indulging in a crazy cookie.

Can you make Gluten Free or Vegan cookies?

Yes, we regularly make gluten free and vegan cookies. They will be labeled. If you don’t see any in the cookie house we have likely sold out. We recommend preordering to avoid disappointment. As with the nuts (see above) we ask that if you are choosing gluten free or vegan for health reasons you resist. If it’s a preference, then we’d love to try and accommodate.

Where are the cookies baked?

We have a commercial grade kitchen on our property in Metchosin. On a breezy day you will be able to smell the cookies being baked! Our cookie kitchen is VIHA approved. All cookies are baked in the same kitchen.

How do I pay?

The Crazy Cookie House is a farm stand and like other farm stands we operate on an honour system. There is a cash tin in the cookie house. Or you can etransfer to We kindly ask that you check how much you owe as each cookie is individually priced. You are always welcome to pay a little extra to keep the baker happy(!) But please do not pay less than you owe.

Please also pay in Canadian. Although it might be tempting to offload your foreign coins that is basically stealing… and while there isn’t much we can do about it you will know it’s not the right thing to do. And karma is a thing you know (as is Doug H. Dragon) 😊

When are you open?

We open Friday to Monday (that’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). We open at 9am and close when we have sold out. We do reserve the right to feed you cookies on other days of the week too.

We are a family business and encourage you to check our website and social media pages before you visit to check our opening times. We do close on our regular days if we have family events.

Who built the Crazy Cookie House?

The Crazy Cookie House is completely unique and one of a kind. It was designed and built as a playhouse for our children when they were small. When we decided to upgrade our cookie house we felt the play house could be renovated and would be the perfect solution. 

Who is Doug H. Dragon?

We needed a guardian for our Crazy Cookie House and a dragon seemed like the right solution. He is warm and friendly and helps keep an eye on the cookie house as well as firing up our ovens every morning to bake the cookies.

When Doug H. isn’t guarding the Cookie House or lighting the ovens, he hangs out with his friend Chip the Mouse. Chip also helps at the Cookie House, by weighing all the ingredients we need for the Crazy Cookies you all know and love!

Doug H. was named after the important cookie ingredient (dough) and was designed and constructed by Paul Lewis. Paul is a local driftwood artist in Victoria. His work can be seen on Esquimalt lagoon and in East Sooke.

Why did you decide to bake cookies?

We live in Metchosin, and everyone has a farmstand! It seemed the logical thing to do. We chose cookies because we love them, it’s as simple as that. But in the McArthur family when we do something we do it big. So that’s why our cookies are crazy. Big, yummy cookies, stuffed with sweetness and exploding with crazy… Go Crazy, Eat Cookies

Where did you get the recipe?

The cookie recipe began life with an earlier generation of McArthur’s who ran a baking business in Canterbury, Kent – England! The recipe has been adapted to suit the Canadian taste buds and to allow the crazy toppings to be added.